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Soon: Greenpeace' Clothes Swap Meet

On October 21, 1:15 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Greenpeace will hold their annual clothes swap meet. For further inquiries you might wish to contact Greenpeace Moosburg directly at 

Soon: 2. Users Meeting 2023

The 2nd Users Meeting 2023 will 25 October 2023 at Raum der Begegnung. Start time is 7 p.m.

Review: Summer Party 2023

On Saturday, 22 July 2023, we had our Summer Party!

Thanks to the support of various groups the Summer Party was very entertaining. There was music, dance, games, and delicious food. We are very grateful for this.

One of the highlights was the dance of the women from the Chinese cultural association (photo: Yarong Huang)

Review: Reading by Said Rezek

"Bloggen gegen Rassismus - Holen wir uns das Netz zur├╝ck (Blogging Against Racism - Let's Get the Net Back)"  Invited by Stadt Freising, on 06 July, the journalist and political scientist Said Rezek gave a talk on hate speech in the net. Mr. Rezek provided the many listeners with numerous methods to consciously and specifically oppose "hate speech". Background of this talk: In recent years, there has been an increased dissemination of racist and discriminatory posts against certain groups of the population on various platforms on the Internet. However, such content is also disseminated via private messenger services in the form of private messages. 

Ongoing: Restorating the windows - Limited parking space

On March 13, the restoration work of the windows at Haus der Vereine starts. As a first step scaffolding will be done. The impact for you:

The parking lot at the house will to a large portion not be available. Also, parking on Pallontinerstra├če alongside the house will not be possible.

Restoration work will presumably last unil end of November 2023. Of course, escape ways will not be blocked, and the lift will still be working.

Right now, we don't know when and how the work at RdB will happen. But one is for sure: no window will stay opened. This will be ascertained by different working options.

2023 Raum der Begegnung Freising
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